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The Art of Living

The art of being made up, of different types of dust. To be made into his likeness, designed to serve an imperfect world like this. Dreams, visions, and missions all the essence of self- fulfillment. Self-improvement to become a greater instrument. Embracing the moment to defeat the odds and every road block. That have tried to become a hindering block. Understanding that God hides you behind a rock. So my motivation as I read The Art of Living thrust me to embrace the inner-me, which captivate the God in Me. Giving me the fortitude to know my value and worth, and not another Dream deferred. Stanima, perseverance, tenacity, endurance, and courage; all the things I need in life to let my dream be heard. Embracing the greatness in me, and showcasing the art that's living within me. Rebuilding the image you see, so God can get the glory out of me. The Art of Living an inspirational, the greatest aspiration to fulfill a empty nation. By: Shide Hill

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